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Benchmade BM mod.13402SBK

Код: 180590

ComboEdge®/ BK1 Coated Blade

* Lock-back

* Clip-point; Дупка за палец, еднакво удобна за дясна и лява ръка

* 9CR13 неръждаем (58-60hrc)

* Black G10 handle scales, anodized titanium liners and back spacer

* Import

Цена: 140.00лв.
Изпрати на приятел Добави в списъка с желания


* Дължина на острието: 3.50"
* Дебелина на острието: 0.120"
* Материал на острието: 9CR13 Неръждаема стомана
* Здравина на остието: 58-60HRC
* Форма на острието: Clip-Point; Ambidextrous Thumb Hole
* Тегло: 3.50oz.        
* Щипка: Tip-Up, Reversible, Black
* Заключващ механизъм: Lock-Back
* Дължина при отворен нож: 8.30"
* Дължина при затворен нож: 4.80"
* Кания: Продава се отделно
* Клас: Harley-Davidson 


9Cr13CoMoV: A Chinese made high-carbon stainless steel with increased levels of cobalt added for greater edge retention. Offers a higher level of corrosion resistance at a great value.

CLIP-POINT: A clip point is technically a variant of a drop point. Instead of a “slow convex-curve” to lower the point; the profile is “clipped” to bring the point down. Sometimes a concave curve will be referred to as a “clipped point”. This is usually associated with bowie styles.

LOCK-BACK: A basic functional lock that is relatively simple and low cost to manufacture. In practice the lock design positions a stop bar parallel to and in direct line with the blade at the upper back or rear tang of the blade to lock the blade open. Basically, as the blade is rotated open, the spring tensioned, center pivoted stop bar tracks around the circular portion of the blade tang until it drops or locks into the notched out tang. And to release the lock, the exposed portion of the stop bar in the handle back is depressed into the handle, pivoting the stop bar out, releasing the locked blade. This style of locking mechanism requires two hands to safely close the blade although you may still easily open the blade single-handed if desired.

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