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Benchmade BM mod.147SBK

Код: 1805108

ComboEdge®/ BK Coated Drop-Point Острие

Това компактно фиксирано острие е направено със съдействието на Elite Military Airborne Personnel.

* 147bk: drop-point стил на острието; 148bk: Tanto стил на острието

* 154CM острие от неръждаема стомана (58-61HRC)

* noryl gtx® ръкохватка с edm Textured finish

* Molded Molle® съвместима кания

Цена: 189.00лв.
Изпрати на приятел Добави в списъка с желания

* Дължина на острието: 3.50"
* Дебелина на острието: 0.115"
* Материал на острието: 154CM Неръждаема стомана
* Здравина на острието: 58-61HRC
* Форма на острието: 147 Drop-Point; 148 Tanto
* Тегло: 3.20oz.
* Щипка: с кания
* Заключващ механизъм: Фиксиран
* Дължина: 7.87"
* Кания: Molded Nylon Friction Fit with Secondary Snap Closure, MOLLE® Compatible; 1.10oz
* Клас: Black


154CM:An American made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for tough industrial applications. Known for its best all-around qualities, it offers great corrosion resistance with good toughness and edge quality.

DROP-POINT:A slow convex-curved drop in the point characterizes a drop-point blade. This blade format lowers the point for control but adds strength to the tip. It is a very popular blade shape that ranges from a slight drop to a radical downward curve providing endless styles. In fixed blades this blades shape easily sheaths. Usually coupled with plenty of belly for slicing, this format is often used for hunting knives. Drop points are a great all-around blade format.

TANTO:Most tantos seen on the American cutlery market are Americanized formats. Like the Japanese tanto, the Americanized tanto has a high point in-line with the pivot. A flat grind is applied to the point, leaving it very thick and extraordinarily strong. This thick area helps absorb the impact from piercing, as the tanto was originally designed for armor piercing. The front edge meets the bottom edge at an obtuse angle rather than curving to meet it as seen in the Japanese tanto. The only negative aspect of the tanto blade shape is the cutting surface area is sacrificed to gain tip strength.

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